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Sea of Thieves Alliance Events are a type of in-game event that pits two or more groups of players against each other in a series of activities. The objectives of these events can range from treasure hunts, to ship battles, to fishing contests, and many others. 


Partner Program

The Sea of Thieves Partner Program is a great way to join the Sea of Thieves community and increase your visibility within the game. As a Partner, you can earn rewards, exclusive offers, and unique opportunities to collaborate with and the Sea of Thieves Alliance.



we also create some blogs if you like to read them if you want your blog here let me now 

Gold and Glory
Gold and Glory
30-Sept-2023, 4:30 pm IST
Sea of Thieves Alliance
We will be hosting a Specialized Fleet of Gold Hoarder where all ships will run the same Activity/Emissary. Come join us for commendations and levels!
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